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I think we can all be thankful we did not have President Obama during WW II. If we had we would all be NAZIs today. Why? The Obama White House is giving ISIS a 45-minute warning before bombing their oil tankers by dropping leaflets advising potential jihadists to flee before air strikes in Syria.



Prison » White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers


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By the Numbers


Unvetted immigration by Muslims will allow thousands of radical Muslims free access into America. Brigitte Gabriel said, “The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world.”

Using just those average numbers not increased radicalization in the Middle East, President Obama plans to allow 15,000 to 25,000 terrorists into America. Who with any grasp of reality would knowingly bring thousands of enemy fighters into their home country?

And NO, the immigrants are not poor women and children. Best estimates place the numbers of women and children at less than 15%. They are fleeing their own country rather than staying and solving the problems. At best they are simply cowards unwilling to make their home better. So no, I do not have a lot of sympathy for them.

Why should we care about only 15% to 25%? Think on this the peaceful majority does not matter.

Brigitte Gabriel said, “There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today. Of course not all of them are radicals! The majority of them are peaceful people. The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world. That leaves 75 percent of them peaceful people.

But when you look at 15 to 25 percent of the world’s Muslim population, you’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. That is as big [as] the United States.

So why should we worry about the radical 15 to 25 percent? Because it is the radicals that kill. Because it is the radicals that behead and massacre.

When you look throughout history, when you look at all the lessons of history, most Germans were peaceful. Yet, the Nazis drove the agenda and, as a result, 60 million people died. Almost 14 million in concentration camps; 6 million were Jews. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

When you look at Russia, most Russians were peaceful as well. Yet, the Russians were able to kill 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

When you look at China, for example, most Chinese were peaceful as well. Yet, the Chinese were able to kill 70 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

When you look at Japan prior to World War II, most Japanese were peaceful as well. Yet, Japan was able to butcher its way across the Southeast Asia, killing 12 million people, mostly killed with bayonets and shovels. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

On Sept. 11 in the United States, we had 2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States. It took 19 hijackers, 19 radicals, to bring America down to its knees, destroy the World Trade Center, attack the Pentagon and kill almost 3,000 Americans that day. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”

In Paris, after the recent attacks only 30 Muslims showed-up to protest the ISIS attack. Paris has a Muslim population of over 220,000. What does that say about the percent that support terrorism?

Here are some photos of the “refugees.” See how many women and children you can spot.

Syrian 01

Syrian 02Syrian 06Syrian 05Syrian 03







That is the only way to describe my feeling about this poll. Fifty eight percent of Americans do not “Identify with what America has become.” That was not the shocking part. I figured that with conservatives, independents and republicans. The shock was FORTY FIVE percent of democrats have these feelings. Almost half of democrats disagree with the direction of this country over the last several years. WOW


Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’

Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’




More Fake Racism Charges


We get two for one today.

First, at the Saginaw Valley State University campus. “I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus. Starting tomorrow morning,” a message on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak read. The ominous message was posted Nov. 13, shortly after midnight. Police arrested Emmanuel D. Bowden, on charges of making a false report or threat of terrorism.

Ta Da – A photo of Emmanuel D. Bowden

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Yik Yak threat at SVSU said, ‘I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus’ |

Emmanuel D. Bowden, 21, is charged with making a false report or threat of terrorism, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.


Second, at the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center at Vanderbilt University they found a bag of poop. First campus police were called. Next, Dean of Students Mark Bandas, high-tailed it to the Black Cultural Center. Also, Tina Smith, director of the Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence arrived.

The general consensus was that the black bag of feces left of the Black Cultural Center’s steps was a racially motivated act.

A student group by the name of Hidden Dores, which brings to light minority experiences at Vanderbilt, was outraged and vented on Facebook over the “deplorable” act. The Hidden Dores team is appalled to announce that our demonstration yesterday was met this morning with a vile act.

Then that night, police said they found the perp.

Security cameras revealed that the bag had been left on the steps the previous night by a blind student who had just picked up after her guide dog. “The one thing that guide dog school trains every student to do is that if they don’t know where the garbage can is, you still always pick it up and put it in the bag, that way no one steps in it,” Zundel told the paper. “But then you leave it outside of a building that way someone else who sees a garbage can put it in there.”


Racism Immediately Alleged After Black Bag of Poop Found on Steps of Vanderbilt’s Black Cultural Center — Then the Truth Comes Out |

The black bag had been sitting on the steps of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center at Vanderbilt University all day Tuesday. Then a graduate student working at the building got curious that evening and opened it up — and discovered it contained feces. …




Islam Indoctrination Continues in American Grade Schools


At Salem Junior High School in Salem, Utah the class assignment… to draw Islamic State propaganda posters and type the words “how to recruit for ISIS.”


Mom Tells Teen Daughter ‘There’s No Way You’re Going to Do This’ After She Comes Home From School With ‘Islamic State’ Assignment | Video |

Annie Langston couldn’t believe the school assignment her 14-year-old daughter Mikalia brought home, so she wrote a letter to she teacher and the principal demanding an explanation. The assignment asked the ninth grade class at Salem Junior High School in Salem, Utah, to draw Islamic State propaganda…




Trojan Horse


This is not a fairy tale but a cautionary warning. When the enemy wants to kill you do not open the gate and welcome them in.


Many U.S. ‘Citizen Terrorists’ Are Also Legal Immigrants | The Daily Caller

Dozens of the U.S. citizens who have been arrested in recent years on terror-related charges are immigrants who were admitted to the United States legally and




Growing Chorus Of States Say Hell No To Syrian Relocation

In light of the atrocious terrorist attacks committed by ISIS in Paris, there are a growing number of states that are rejecting relocation of refugees. The vast majority of these refugees pouring into Europe are men between the ages of 18 and 45. Without a proper screening process, it’s a glaring national security issue–and one that should be taken seriously. Is it rational to leave us open to a possible terrorist attack?

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Growing Chorus Of States Say Hell No To Syrian Relocation Efforts; UPDATE: Up To 16 States Now – Matt Vespa

UPDATE: Republican State Rep. Sheila Butt is asking for her colleagues to sign a letter to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam urgi.11/16/2015 17:59:23PM EST.




If He Only Had A Brain


Radical Islam 03

President Obama says we need to continue importing Muslims despite the attacks in Paris. Despite the attacks here in America. We need to allow more of the enemy admission to America. Back when Presidents had a brain, we knew better. During WWII, did we continue to allow Germans, Italians or Japanese into America? OH HELL NO! You need to realize Islam is NOT just a religion. It is a complete social design with a detailed political system, religion and a legal code the Sharia. Islam dictates government and laws through Sharia Law. That is the very core of Islam and the beliefs of Muslims. You simply cannot separate Sharia Law from Islam they are one. And any Muslim that says different is lying. Because lying to infidels to promote Islam is one of the basic tenets of their faith.

Each ruling or law in Sharia is based on a reference in the Koran or the Sunna, the perfect example of Mohammed (found in two texts Hadith and Sira). Each and every law in Islam must have its origins in the Koran and the Sunna. When you know Sharia, Islam makes sense. Most people believe that Islam is complicated or even impossible to understand, but when you understand its principles, Islam is very, very logical. It is based on different views of humanity, logic, knowledge, and ethics. Because Islam and Sharia Law are symbiotic in their connection. One does not exist without the other.

Pew Research Center a survey finds, most Muslims believe sharia is the revealed word of God rather than a body of law developed by men based on the word of God. The term “Sharia” (Arabic “way” or “path”) is the sacred law of Islam. The laws as present in the Quran are binding on Muslims and range from prohibition of alcohol consumption and gambling to setting punishments for such grave offences as adultery and theft.
Now President Obama want to bring 100,000 potential terrorists into America every year. Talk about change you can believe in. Two of the Paris ISIS killers came into Europe as refugees from Syria in August and October and President Obama is lecturing Europeans to accept more migrants. How disconnected from reality can someone be?

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