Fight for $15

Meet “Flippy,” a robotic “kitchen assistant.” Flippy can cook a burger to perfection, they plop it on the bun. All without any human help. Yes, Flippy will replace all those poor abused cooks, fighting for $15. Good news, instead of being underpaid, they will not be paid…ANYTHING. And the burger flippers are not alone.

Meet Flippy’s friends, Zume Pizza, Cafe X, Makr Shakr, Frobot and Sally, which are developing robots to help commercial kitchens churn out pizzas, lattes, cocktails, frozen yogurt, and salads.

Robots are coming to a burger joint near you

Miso Robotics is going after the restaurant industry with robots that can do the dirty work of fry cooks.


Media Hypocrisy

CNN is crying crocodile tears and feel scared, over Trump’s funny Pro Wrestling video. They decry the violence and say the President is calling for violence.

CNN officials believe mock elbow jabs on reporters is out of bounds.

But yet, just last month CNN’s parent company sponsored a Central Park play where President Trump was assassinated on a nightly basis.

What Do They Know

In an attempt to investigation “Voter Fraud,” 29 states in total have refused to divulge either some or all requested data.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, with a goal to investigate vote fraud across the country. If there is nothing to hide, why are so many states hiding the information?

A Pew Research study that found nearly two million dead voters are still on voter rolls while close 3 million are registered in multiple states.