Anyone Surprised?

An audit by the California State Auditor of Los Angeles County. In the population of 10.2 million residents, they have only issued 197 concealed carry permits. Think on that only 197 citizens can legally carry a concealed weapon. I wonder how many illegals are carrying concealed guns? I bet it is considerably more than 197.

Media Bias and Disdain for Trump Administration on Full Display

Newsweek Headline: “Melania Trump Orders Removal of The Near-200-Year-Old Tree from The White House.”

Newsweek published an incredibly misleading article about first lady Melania Trump on Tuesday, stating in the headline that she ordered the removal of a tree that Andrew Jackson planted on White House grounds in 1835.


Specialists at the United States National Arboretum were brought in by the White House to assess the Magnolia grandiflora, as it is specifically termed. According to documents obtained exclusively by CNN, the tree must be removed, and quickly, despite efforts to preserve it over several decades.

Plus, the first lady even requested that wood from the tree be preserved and seedlings be made available if there’s an opportunity in the future to plant a new Magnolia in the same location. But you wouldn’t have guessed her concern for the tree based on Newsweek’s headline.

Another example of extreme media bias. This is another example of media bias when they chose to use a false headline, instead of practicing responsible journalism. This is why Americans’ trust and confidence in mass media continues to fall.

Working Hard to Obscure the Obvious

A man rammed a car into pedestrians and Christmas shoppers in a bustling area of Australia’s second-largest city on Thursday, injuring at least 18 other people in an act police said was deliberate.

The unnamed driver was alone in the car and is of Afghan descent. “He is under arrest for what we allege is a deliberate act,” Mr. Patton said. “At this time we do not have any evidence for any intelligence to indicate there is a connection with terrorism.”

Witnesses said the vehicle accelerated after running a red light and plowing into pedestrians at high speed adjacent to Flinders Street Station, one of Melbourne’s busiest transportation hubs.

“To describe this as a lone wolf incident is not probably not apt,” Mr. Patton said. “This is an horrific incident where a person drove directly at pedestrians. It is a crime and we will be fully exploring that. One of the key aspects we are exploring is in respect to mental health backgrounds and drug use in respect of this individual.”

The attack occurred near the location of a similar events in January, when a driver plowed through a pedestrian mall, killing four people and injuring 20 others. That act wasn’t terrorism either.

If officials deny terrorism, they believe the citizens are too stupid to make the connection.

Headlines You Won’t See on CNN or MSNBC

PUBLISHING ONLY NEWS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO KNOW. Censoring ALL news detrimental to democrats.

List of President Trump’s Tax Reform Payoff 18 Companies Announce Bonuses, More Pay, Expansion

The big list of tax-cut payoffs

The big list of tax-cut payoffs

Editor’s note: WND is chronicling the response by U.S. businesses to the biggest rewrite of the federal tax code since the 1980s Reagan administration and a tax cut of as much as $3.2 trillion in the form of this BIG LIST OF TAX-CUT PAYOFFS. It will be regularly updated as more companies respond. WASHINGTON – […]


A Democrat Running for A U.S. House Seat in Virginia Indicted on Charges of Fraud, Stole $806,000

Democrat running for Congress indicted in $803G fraud, embezzlement case

Democrat running for Congress indicted in $803G fraud, embezzlement case

A Democrat running for U.S. House seat in Virginia has been indicted on charges of fraud, embezzlement and theft in connection with events that allegedly occurred in 2012.


Wife of Fusion GPS Founder Admits Her Husband Was Behind Fake “Russiagate” Story

Wife of Fusion GPS founder admits her husband was behind fake “Russiagate” story

Shaneen Allen, Pardoned by Christie, Pushes for Change To US Gun Laws

Pardoned by Christie, woman pushes for change to US gun laws

Pardoned by Christie, woman pushes for change to US gun laws

The handgun that Shaneen Allen was carrying when she was pulled over on a New Jersey highway could have sent her to prison for years if not for a pardon from Republican Gov. Chris Christie.


When You Have A Leader As President

The Trump administration’s announced that the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv would move to Israel’s actual capital, Jerusalem. Democrats went into “Analeptic Shock,” even though congress passed a resolution to move it there. And every democratic President promised the move since Bill Clinton. However, President Trump actually kept his promise. Oh, the humanity, a President keeping his word.

Democrats cried it would be the end. And the result? Israel is in talks with more than 10 countries, including some in Europe, about potentially moving their respective embassies to Jerusalem, according to officials.

Pretty amazing what U.S. Presidential leadership will do. The U.S. move provided all ten of those nations plausible cover for moving their nations to Jerusalem after us. Prior to that, they stayed put.

When the Dog Barks

Sexual harassment scandals decimate California democrats. You know those democrats, say how in favor of women’s rights. But it seems they act different from all their talk.

According to a report from Politico, resignations due to sexual harassment scandals have cost Democrats their supermajority in California’s legislature.


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

Few lies have been as oft repeated and as consistently maintained by liberals, that of the “noble immigrant,” a profile of someone better in all respects than your average native-born American. The lie continues, this “noble immigrant,” is also better at working hard, better at not straining social services and, most importantly, better at obeying the law.

These claims are bolstered by dubious “studies” on the matter by groups like the Cato Institute, the liberal media ran wild with that mantra for years. “Several studies, over many years, have concluded that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States. However, none of these so-called studies seemed to be able to cite actual government statistics.


The government agencies that crunch crime numbers are utterly unable, or unwilling, to pinpoint for the public how many illegal immigrants are arrested within U.S. borders each year. Which begs the question. Why? Could it be, the actual data possibly conflict with the narrative they want to maintain?

Thankfully, President Trump is under no such obligations to maintain the lies.

On Thursday, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security released long-suppressed data on illegal immigrants and federal crime.

According to the report, “more than twenty percent of all persons in Bureau of Prisons custody were foreign born, and 94 percent of confirmed aliens in custody were unlawfully present.” Further, when it comes to federal crime convictions, non-citizens were responsible for 22 percent of all murder, 18 percent of fraud, 33 percent of money laundering, 29 percent of drug trafficking, and 72 percent of all drug possession convictions

One in every five illegal immigrants is in prison for a serious or violent crime.

Kate Steinle’s murder is a consequence of this Big Lie.

Science: Think on This

IF IT DOES NOT FIT CURRENT PARADIGM, IGNORE AND HID THE DISCOVERY. Read the article and see how modern “science” works. New discoveries must be denied. Why? Too many careers built on the old knowledge.

For nearly half a century, schoolchildren have been taught that the first human visitors to the New World belonged to the Clovis culture, known for chipped-stone spear points first discovered in New Mexico.

Archaeologists say these people crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia about 12,000 years ago.

To dispute Clovis-first by a few thousand years was controversial. Some archaeologists had won begrudging acceptance with a few scattered excavations.

Now a discovery that moves that timeframe into the far past, BUT…

To propose a site more than 100,000 years older was professional suicide. It would undermine the research and reputations of most archaeologists now studying the New World.

“If you claim something is that old, you get blasted,” Cerutti said, “which is why some archaeologists stopped working on sites like this. They didn’t want to get blasted.”

The paleontologists tried to find an alternative theory.

Archaeology as blood sport: How an ancient mastodon ignited debate over humans€™ arrival in North America

Archaeology as blood sport: How an ancient mastodon ignited debate over humans’ arrival in North America

When the scientific journal Nature published in April an article arguing that a mastodon site in San Diego was more than 130,000 years old, it created a firestorm in the world of American archaeology.