Dreamers: Leaked Memo

It appears democrats’ humanitarian desires for the Dreamers, is more self-centered. The Center for American Progress, a democrat think tank circulated a memo on the Dreamers. A memo that was never to go public. Here are a couple quotes from that memo.

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond.”

It seems obvious democrats are doing exactly what they have been accused of, trying to import a voter base. The Democratic Party desperately wants to import people whose lack of skills ensure they will remain poor and dependent on government assistance so as to have a new crop of voters who will vote Democrat.

Just look how 60-years of black support for democrats, has helped black communities.

Global Warming Scientists Nail-It Again

Stanford University study said, human-caused climate change helped fuel the current California drought.

NOAA: No End in Sight for California Drought.

Yes, it was clear, those genius scientists called it. Global warming caused the drought. And because of global warming there was no end in sight. Drought would become the new normal for decades.


Two years later, the drought has ended and California braces for heavy rainstorms Monday.

And of course, the heavy rain will also be caused by global warming.

Suddenly, Democrats Don’t Like Double Taxation

The very states complaining about removal of the state tax deduction. They are sounding the alarm – Double Taxation. WOW! What a concept. But yet these are the very states that DO NOT a deduction for taxes paid on…

Sales taxes,

State motor fuel taxes,

Federal motor fuel taxes

Cigarette taxes

Alcohol taxes

Telecommunications taxes

Utility taxes

And many, many more taxes and fees.

Seems they like double taxation when they get the money.

Regardless of Your Feelings

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced very simply that federal law regarding marijuana will be enforced. It was the Obama administration, through executive overreach that undermined the rule of law. The Obama Administration chose to ignore federal law, giving the marijuana industry a pass.

I’m not arguing for or against legalized marijuana. But should ANY President, unilaterally decide what laws to enforce and what laws to ignore. Think of the chaos, complete industries becoming legal, then illegal on the whim of a President.

Suppose states decided to ignore other laws. What if Idaho decided that machine guns were legal? Or if Utah decided that same sex marriage and abortion were not? Or if Kansas decided to remove all speed limits on interstate highways running through their state? States’ rights are one thing, but there’s still that pesky Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution. The simple truth is, if America wants marijuana legal. Then change the law. It really is that simple.


Think on This

Democrats say President Trump is mentally unfit for office. Are the same democrats that claim there are 67 genders. And are the same democrats that booed God at their national convention.

So, riddle me this: Who is truly crazy?

DREAMERS the Facts

Based on the Democrat-media propaganda, you might think illegal aliens brought here in childhood by their parents, so-called “DREAMERS,” are all valedictorians and Medal of Honor-level military heroes.  But the reality is very different.

Here are some interesting FACTS.

24% are functionally illiterate.

Another 46% only have “basic” English ability.

So, 70% of the DREAMERS are English illiterate or only possess a basic use. And we are to believe they love America and want to flourish here. But cannot be bothered to even learn the language. Without good English skills they are condemned to low income jobs or welfare.

Add in only 4% have graduated college.