Christian 01

You have to question why this group fights so hard against something they believe does not exit. How can you fight something that is not real? That just does not make sense, at least to me. I have another theory why they so vehemently fight something they do not think even exists.

I believe atheists know God exists. Atheists are followers of Satan and seek to destroy good. Christians must fight this perverse alliance between the soldiers of Satan and the government. They have come together in an unholy alliance to destroy Christianity in the world.

Other than Israel, Christians and Christian Beliefs are under attack from every direction. Government in the name of “tolerance” tries to silence Christians, Atheists with government’s aid pushes anything Christian from the public square and Muslims around the world kill and behead Christians in the name of Allah.

Brothers and Sisters if you believe in Christ then you are in a war not only for your survival but for the very soul of the world.