Bloated Military Leadership?

I just read over 60- Admirals are under investigation for corruption and taking bribes. Also, hundreds of other officers are being investigated. If you want to know more about the investigation read links below.

However, my takeaway from these articles was 60 Admirals. I thought wow, that has to be practically every admiral. But, when I check the Navy has about 210 active duty admirals. And when I checked further, I discovered the Navy only has about 186 active duty ships.

That means EVERY active American ship can be commanded by an Admiral. With 24 extra admirals staffing the pentagon. The US Navy can captain every ship from the mighty aircraft carrier, to the tiny frigate with an admiral. Well the truth is NO Admiral commands a ship. They would oversee battle groups.

While I support our military completely. I have to wonder if the Navy, and perhaps other branches are not top-heavy in command positions.

Links for Investigation

‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals

‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals

Crooked Navy contractor visited Annapolis and Pearl Harbor as VIP despite investigations.


Navy’s ‘Fat Leonard’ sex and bribery scandal claims admiral, 7 others

Navy’s ‘Fat Leonard’ sex and bribery scandal claims admiral, 7 others

Contractor “Fat Leonard” provided gifts and prostitutes to servicemen


What Is Fat Leonard Scandal? 440 Navy Officials Investigated For Taking Bribes

What Is Fat Leonard Scandal? 440 Navy Officials Investigated For Taking Bribes

Leonard Glenn Francis, 53, the owner of Glenn Defense Marine Asia firm, build relationships with a number of member of the U.S. navy by enticing them with a range of bribes.


The NFL, Broadcasters, and Advertisers Fix Protests

Yes, it is true that the NFL, Broadcasters, and Advertisers have a play to stop the protests. Well not exactly stop the protests. More like stop broadcasting the protests. OH YES, just stop broadcasting the National Anthem. The fans are so ignorant, if they don’t see the protests they will huddle round the ol’ TV and watch.




Following Russian Money Influence

Twitter and Facebook agents for Russia?

Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner, holdings have included major stakes in Facebook and Twitter, is known for expounding on everything from the future of social media to the frontiers of space travel.

During a 2010, the Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner took the stage for a Q. and A. at a technology conference in San Francisco. Mr. Milner, was ask repeatedly, who were his investors? Mr. Milner, did not answer.

Now, leaked documents examined by The New York Times offer a partial answer: Behind Mr. Milner’s investments in Facebook and Twitter were hundreds of millions of dollars from the Kremlin.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter took MILLIONS of Russian dollars.

Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments

Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments

Leaked files show that a state-controlled bank in Moscow helped to fuel Yuri Milner’s ascent in Silicon Valley, where the Russia investigation has put tech companies under scrutiny.


The NFL Today

John Wells, retired Navy commander, declined to receive an award at this Sunday’s game at the Superdome due to the NFL player protests. And how did the NFL team, respond?

The New Orleans Saints, a NFL franchise, responded by issuing a lengthy statement Thursday, criticizing Wells’ actions. That should go well with Veterans and Americans in general. Attack the veteran. Keep kneeling, and move the NFL into sports hierarchy, just below midget wrestling.

Life Under Islam, in Muslim Countries

Egyptian lawyer: It’s a man’s ‘national duty’ to rape women who wear ripped jeans. Yes, an Egyptian lawyer being interviewed said, women who wear ripped jeans deserve to be sexually harassed and raped. He appearing on a popular satellite news program, told a panel debating a new law on prostitution in Egypt that it is the “patriotic duty” of men to sexually harass and a “national duty” to rape women who wear revealing clothing.

Is there any wonder why there is a RAPE EPIDEMIC, in every country allowing widespread Muslim immigration.

Nabih al-Wahsh, a prominent conservative in Egypt, said raping women who wear ripped jeans is a man’s “national duty”, adding that girls who show parts of their body by wearing such clothes are inviting men to harass them. Recall that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt received a majority of votes in the last relatively free election.  So I think it safe to say the lawyer’s sentiments would meet with the approval of a solid majority of Egyptian men, who view women little better than cattle and, in some ways, worse.