The Paris Agreement

With all the antipollution devices in use the air quality has greatly improved in my lifetime. Saying that, there should come a point where enough is enough. The “Pareto Principle” should be a controlling limit to regulations. Emissions today from coal power plants produce about 97% less pollution than they did in the 1960s. There comes a point where the cost for improvement should outweigh the improvement. The only way to reduce pollution to zero is stop all energy production and use.

The Paris Agreement did little to nothing about reducing co2 emissions. It is funny how America required a 20% reduction in co2, while China, none. Especially when you look and see China produces over twice the co2 as America. And here is how they lie with facts. Most examples of co2 pollution show, co2 per capita. They completely ignore the total co2 produced. Although China produces over double the metric tons of co2 as America. When converted to a per capita, the China’s billion-person graph shows, China’s pollution is about a third less than America’s 360 million. When the truth is China is producing over twice as much. The same is true with India.

China 10,641,789 kt of co2, but co2 emissions per capita, 7.7

USA   5,172,338 kt of co2, but co2 emissions per capita, 16.1

AND that is how they lie with figures.

The agreement was designed to distribute money from America to the rest of the world. It was designed to place American industries and workers at a distinct disadvantage.

What Voter Fraud

Thousands of Noncitizens Discovered on Virginia Voter Rolls

A public interest law firm has discovered thousands of noncitizens on Virginia voter rolls. The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an Indiana-based group that litigates to protect election integrity, released a report detailing their findings on Virginia’s voter rolls.

The extensive review of voter history files across Virginia’s 133 jurisdictions found that state election officials removed 5,556 noncitizen voters between 2011 and May 2017. Of the 5,556 noncitizens that were quietly removed from the rolls, 1,852 cast ballots.

PILF said that a total of 7,474 illegal ballots were cast by the noncitizens, with records of illegal voting dating as far back as the 1980s.

“Virginia hid critical information that would have improved election integrity while a political operative-turned-governor vetoed numerous proposals that would’ve prevented alien registration and voting,” Adams said. “From NoVa to Norfolk and all urban and rural points in between, alien voters are casting ballots with practically no legal consequences in response.”