Know Your Enemy

Radical Resistance Groups

These groups have the fingerprints of Soros, Clinton, and Obama all over them. Here is the Top-10 “resistance” groups all supported by one or all of Soros, Clinton, and Obama.

Workers World Party – Members of the Workers World Party, a hard-core Marxist-Leninist group, have appeared at anti-monument and anti-Trump events across America.

Color of Change – One group that has attacked President Trump and advocated for removing Confederate symbols across America is Color of Change, a nonprofit that was co-founded by President Obama’s former green-jobs czar, Van Jones, and Huffington Post contributor and former director of James Rucker. The organization is backed by former Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has praised Color of Change in her tweets.

Onward Together – Launched by Hillary Clinton in May after her failed bid for the White House, Onward Together is a political action organization that seeks to be “part of the resistance” against President Trump by funding many of the leftist activists organizing against the administration.

Clinton sent $800,000 from her presidential campaign funds to Onward Together on May 1.

Indivisible – Indivisible is a national anti-Trump movement that often targets members of Congress and calls for resistance against the Trump administration. It’s a collection of leftist activist groups with an average of two chapters in every congressional district, or 5,900 chapters that have popped up across America since Trump’s election.

Indivisible is supported by Hillary Clinton and her organization, Onward Together. –, a far-left group funded by billionaire George Soros that claims it has 8 million members across America, was launched in 1998 with a campaign of opposition to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and emerged as a fundraising vehicle for Democratic Party candidates.

Antifa – Antifa is a black-clad, bandanna and helmet-wearing group of self-described anarchists and revolutionary communists known for violence and threats. The name Antifa is short for “anti-fascists.”

Antifa was recently named a domestic terrorist organization.

By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN – By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, has been in the middle of quite a bit of the worst violence in recent months. In February, BAMN helped organize the fiery riots that resulted in the cancellation of a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California at Berkeley. In a statement to NBC News, UC Berkeley said: “The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest.”

UltraViolet – In July, a handful of feminists dressed in purple from the group UltraViolet crashed the U.S. Women’s Open at Trump National Golf Club. The group received $65,000 from Political Action in 2016. is a far-left group funded by billionaire George Soros.

Industrial Workers of the World – Members of other leftist groups have been appearing at anti-Trump protests, including the Triangle People’s Assembly, Industrial Workers of the World and Democratic Socialists of America.

Organizing for Action – Yes, you guessed it. President Obama has his own links to the Trump resistance movement.

Bully With A Badge


While a strong supporter of our police. Continuing issues like this are a serious problem. Police need to be held to a higher standard. As do all leaders. One thing I learned in 30-years of management, “The least you will do, is the most your workers will do.” I am deeply troubled, every time some officer is caught doing wrong, then they are covered and protected.

Having police in my family, I agree they do a very difficult, dangerous, and thankless job. However, when one does wrong, they need to be held accountable. And accountable publicly. Is firing the solution? I’m smart enough to know, I don’t have the answer. But, whatever the punishment, it need to be severe, and the entire process must be open and public. This double-standard is much of the reason police are viewed as they are in many areas. How can they be trusted, if they are not held to the same standards as those they police?

I am not talked about mistakes, that officers make in a life or death spit second decision. If you’re in a dark alley, tell someone to stop, and instead they spin around and put their hand in their pocket. Officers simply do not have time to stop and ponder their next move. But this was not that case. The officer’s life was not in jeopardy. There was time to seek advice from supervisors. No, this was a case where the officer’s ego run the show. I’m a policeman, and you do as I say…right or wrong.

In police departments across America, those in charge need to wake-up. The poor police on the streets are without leadership or guidelines. Half the departments throw the officer to the wolves if they make an honest mistake, while the other half cover deliberate misdeeds and misconduct by giving officers a pass. And we citizens are watching and wondering WTF is going on. Good police are being railroaded for mistakes. While criminal officers are being protected and coddled. Unfortunately, these are 100% local issues and I don’t see any solution. I sure as hell don’t want a national police department. Just look toward the TSA is you want an idea how bad that would be. So sorry, no answers, just observations.



Finally! Proof of Foreign Influence in the 2016 Election



Ravneet Singh was sentenced by a judge in Southern California for helping a billionaire funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign coffers of a Democrat candidate who went on to win his election.

The case involved 51-year-old Jose Susumo Azano Matsura of Guadalajara, Mexico, who was convicted of campaign finance violations among 30 charges in 2016. Azano solicited the help of his son and other associations to funnel donations to help Bob Filner win the mayoral election in San Diego, California.

DEMOCRAT Bob Filner took foreign money to win the 2016 San Diego mayoral election!

Why won’t the mainstream media won’t cover it?

Indian-origin consultant sentenced to 15 months in jail in US – Times of India

Indian-origin consultant sentenced to 15 months in jail in US – Times of India

Ravneet Singh of Illinois and former CEO of ElectionMall Technologies was ordered by US District Court Judge Michael Anello to report to prison in October to begin serving his sentence.


The American Oligarchy

Corporate Welfare is more damaging and costly, than the welfare given to the poor. The H-1B VISA, is a perfect example of this combination of welfare and destruction. Our government allows companies to fire American workers and replace them with low-paid foreign workers. Welfare for the corporation, destruction for the American worker.

I do not oppose a subsistence welfare system to help. I do oppose a lifestyle level of welfare. Sorry, you want to be on welfare, come to the government office for you monthly supply – rice, beans, flour, and sugar. No, you don’t get an EBT card to buy pop, steak, or anything else. You want to eat good, go to work. But I digress.

I live in Iowa, overall a nice state, a tad leftie. Aren’t they all anymore. But here in Iowa, our leaders decided to give Apple a 208-MILLION-dollar tax break for a data center. The kicker is the data center only employs 50 full time workers.

Iowa’s handout to Apple illustrates the folly of corporate welfare deals

Iowa’s handout to Apple illustrates the folly of corporate welfare deals

Did Iowa really need to give Apple a $200-million handout? And will it spur economic growth?


We are giving multi-billion-dollar companies, billions, and billions of tax dollars. And for what? For companies, that take these dollars, and invest them outside the United States. You want ANY corporate welfare. Then 100% of you manufacturing and assembly is done in America, BY AMERICANS. Otherwise, you want to build in China. Then get you welfare from the Chinese government.

In reality, NO business should get one cent in government aid, in any form. Once the government begins to give corporate handouts. It also begins to pick winners and losers in business. They talk about a separation of church and state. There needs to a real separation between business and state. Their relationship today is much too cozy and incestuous.