How Dysfunctional is This


Citizens of a country being told how to behave because foreigners do not know how to act in a civilized country.

In Germany the Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker has issued a “code of conduct” for German women following the harrowing attacks. The code of conduct, which has faced heavy criticism, includes keeping at least an arm’s length from strangers, staying with a group, asking bystanders to intervene or help and informing police of assaults.

German officials have said that it is “completely improper” to link the Arab and North African male assailants to the Arab and North African male migrants.”


Protokoll einer Silvesternacht: “Plötzlich waren überall Männer” –

Tausende zieht es Silvester in die Kölner Innenstadt, darunter auch Michelle L. und ihre Clique. Die 18-Jährige schildert, wie sie und ihre Freundinnen von Unbekannten belästigt wurden.





Germans Outraged After Gang of 1000+ Men Sexually Assault NYE Revelers | Mediaite

A major outrage is brewing in Germany after a massive gang of over a thousand men went on a crime spree on New Year’s Eve, sexually assaulting, robbing, and




Sexual Assault Victim Shares Shocking Account of Being Surrounded by Crazed Mob of ‘African and Arab’ Men in Cologne |

An 18-year-old German girl was simply trying to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Cologne with her friends when the men descended on them. The teenager, identified only as Michelle by German news station N-TV, said she and a group of 11 friends were on their way…




Don’t Rock the Boat


The establishment core of both democrats and republicans are tired of outsider’s popularity. Both parties seek to destroy anyone not willing to tow the party line.


Establishment Presidential Candidates Battle to End Voters’ Flirtation With Outsiders – WSJ

With less than a month before voting begins, establishment presidential candidates, thrown off stride by insurgent rivals through much of last year, are urging voters to move toward conventional choices and end their flirtation with the field’s novices and outsiders.




Buy Your Guns and Ammunition NOW

Guns 07

Today it begins. The final assault on the total shredding of the Constitution and elimination of our government. Ignoring the Constitution President Obama begins writing laws and snubbing congress. This is the first step in overthrowing the government and Obama assuming power as Dictator in Chief. Next will come the flood of Muslim immigrants. A veritable fifth column of terrorists imported by the administration. Once enough Muslim terrorists are in place attacks begin. What happened in San Bernardino will become the rule of the day across America. In the wake of such chaos, Martial Law will be implemented. With a complete suspension of the Constitution Obama will impose his Marxist philosophy. Opposition will be silenced. Gun confiscation squads will spread. FEMA camps will become reeducation facilities. And of course those refusing to be reeducated will simply be jailed or killed. Welcome to the new Amerika.

Guns 09

White Privilege

White 10

Yes, we have all hear the accusations of “white privilege.” I keep looking for examples but fail to find any. However, I do find examples of privilege throughout society. It does not take much searching to see blatant examples privilege. Sure we hear about white privilege but how about the obvious patterns of other privilege. What the hell no white privilege…how dare me make such a racist statement. There I beat you calling me racist so F off.


What I do see is every race, color and creed succeeding. But only if they work to achieve success. I also see every race, color and creed failing if they do not work to achieve success. Oh sure there are those few that get jobs from daddy but they are the exception not the rule. I see every race, color and creed not succeeding because they would rather sit on their ass and drink a six-pack or puff a doobie. You fail to get an education and blame failure on everything but your action. You fail to speak acceptable English and blame racism because you can’t get a job when you AXE for one.


The business world is far too competitive not to hire the most qualified people. Hire less qualified people for whatever reason and expect a going out of business sale. Sometimes people succeed because they work hard and others fail because they are lazy.



Liberty’s Torch: Privileges And Immunities



New York Times Declares War


The New York Times on Saturday ran an editorial on its front page calling for the outlawing and confiscation of “certain” types of guns. Unlike the Kool-Aid drinking left, Libertarians and Constitutionalists will not obey the state. There are millions of guns that will never be turned in willingly. The day is fast approaching when honest citizens must decide if they will defend their Constitution with deadly force. Please pray that the thousands of Sheriffs across America will follow Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others declaring they will not follow Obama’s illegal orders to confiscate guns.


“Certain kinds of weapons…must be outlawed…It would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.”For the first time in 95 years, The New York Times is using an editorial on its front page to push gun control. What do you make of this?

Posted by FOX & Friends Weekend on Saturday, December 5, 2015

You Decide

White 09

There are numerous dating websites exclusively for Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Catholics, cheaters, gays and farmers.

Now a new one has started, “Where White People Meet.”


You Decide


There are numerous dating websites exclusively for Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Catholics, cheaters, gays and farmers.

Now a new one has started, “Where White People Meet.”


Europe ”On The Verge Of Civil War”

Society in western Europe is on the verge of breaking down amid chaotic violence caused by economic dislocation, mass immigration and terrorism. This is not the view of some ‘crazy survivalist’ but of the head of the Swiss Armed Forces.


General: Europe ”On The Verge of Civil War,” Citizens Must Be Armed

The flood of Middle Eastern “refugees” is pushing Europe to civil war, according to Lieutenant-General André Blattmann, and citizens must arm themselves.




Czech President Says Tsunamigration is “An Organized Invasion”

Muslim 12

The president of the Czech republic, Milos Zeman, plainly said that the flood of illegal immigrants into Europe is “an organized invasion.”

“A large majority of the illegal migrants are young men in good health, and single. I wonder why these men are not taking up arms to go fight for the freedom of their countries against the Islamic State.”

This mass immigration was put into motion by various anti-White groups the reason for open borders was because anti-Whites are always trying to find ways to get more non-White immigrants into Whites countries. They have a “diversity” agenda.


Czech President Christmas Address: Refugees ‘An Organized Invasion’; Zeman Says They Should Fight ISIS Instead

Milos Zeman says fighting-age men should instead stay back in their countries to battle ISIS.




24 days to Al Gore’s ’10 years to save the planet’ and ‘point of no return’ planetary emergency deadline


24 days to Al Gore’s ’10 years to save the planet’ and ‘point of no return’ planetary emergency deadline | Watts Up With That?

From the “say your prayers, we’re gonna roast” department. On January 25th, 2006, while at the Sundance film festival, screening “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore said this as chronicled in an article by CBS News: The former vice president came to town for the premiere of “An Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary chronicling what has become…