Obama Spying Looks Even Worse Than Trump Claimed…

And It Had Nothing to Do with Russia But Everything to Do with Politics.

Reporter Adam Housley said the sources are “not Trump” people but are “frustrated with the politics that is taking place in these (intelligence) agencies.”

And what they have revealed is amazing. Here is what they told Fox:

1) Surveillance targeting the Trump team during the Obama administration began months ago, even before the president had become the GOP nominee in July.

2) The spying on the Trump team had nothing to do with the collection of foreign intelligence or an investigation into Russia election interference.

3) The spying was done purely “for political purposes” that “have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team.”

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Obama spying looks even worse than Trump claimed

WASHINGTON – The spying by the Obama administration on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump reportedly was even worse than what he has alleged. And it had nothing to do with Russia but everything to do with politics. Sources in the intelligence community claim the potentially illegal revealing of names, or unmasking, of people in the Trump […]

Source: www.wnd.com/2017/03/obama-spying-looks-even-worse-than-trump-claimed/

Evelyn Farkas’s Six Revelations About Obama, Trump, and the Deep State

Unsurprisingly, President Donald J. Trump was correct.

Though he originally spoke, or tweeted, clumsily, the gist of his claim was correct: The administration of his predecessor, Barack H. Obama, had indeed been surveilling Trump and those close to his campaign.

There are several telling insights to glean from Farkas’ remarks.

First, Farkas here acknowledges that the Obama administration, essentially, had indeed been gathering intelligence, or spying, on private citizens.

Second, being the Democrat partisan that she obviously is, Farkas’ intention in making these comments, and making them in the left-friendly venue of MSNBC, was to suggest that the Democrats’ “The Russians Made Us Do It (Lose)” narrative has substance.

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Evelyn Farkas’s Six Revelations about Obama, Trump, and the Deep State

The Deep State, under Obama, surveilled American citizens, in this case, Trump and his folks.

Source: townhall.com/columnists/jackkerwick/2017/04/02/evelyn-farkass-six-revelations-about-obama-trump-and-the-deep-state-n2307464

What a Difference an Election Makes

Now That Democrats Are Shutting Down Government

I hope Dems are serious about threatening a government shutdown.

Daily KOS

Yes Democrats, Shut Down the Government

The Resurgent

But When Republicans Shut Down Government

Republicans Shut Down the Government for Nothing

The Atlantic

Republicans Move To Shut Down Government For A Sick Reason

Occupy Democrats

They’ve lost their minds.

Harry Reid

Keeping the people’s government open is not a concession to me.

President Barack Obama

So when you were on the jihad against Americans’ access to health care, shutting down the parks wasn’t a problem.

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.)

Republicans are “taking their teddy bear and blankie and saying if ‘I don’t get my way, I’ll just bring the government down.'”

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.

“I have never seen such an extreme group of people adopt such an insane policy,”

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

“I believe it’s terrorism: This is the first time I’ve seen a political party, or even a fraction of it, say that their number-one-goal is to shutdown the American government, kill a bill that’s already been passed by Congress, and refuse to pay bills already run up by Congress in an attempt to basically risk default. This is an attempt to destroy all we know of the republican form of government in this country.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Are Millennials Becoming Conservative

I have read numerous articles that Millennials are conservative in their views. This is just the latest.

Young men increasingly seek a traditional household where the husband is the breadwinner, while the wife stays at home, according to two studies out Friday.

For example, 42 percent of high school seniors in 1994, believed that the best family arrangement was one in which the husband was the financial-earner and the wife stayed at home. By 2014, this became, 58 percent believed that the best family arrangement was one in which the husband was the financial-earner and the wife stayed at home.

Another example, 71 percent of high school seniors in 1994, disagreed with the idea that a husband should make all the important household decisions. In 2014, this percentage dropped to 63 percent.

I am not sure if this means anything, but I do find it interesting.

Russia Trolls Democrats in April Fool Prank

The Russian Foreign Ministry posted an audio file on its Facebook page that supposedly showed the agency’s new switchboard message. The Message said…

“You have reached the Russian Embassy. Your call is very important to us. To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1,” the recording continues (in both English and Russian). Users are then instructed to “press 2” in order “to use the services of Russian hackers.” For “election interference” requests, “press 3.”

Автоответчик для российских дипломатических миссий

Министерство иностранных дел России разработало пилотную аудиозапись автоответчика для российских дипломатических миссий за рубежом.

Posted by МИД России on Saturday, April 1, 2017