Tyranny in Action

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How else do you explain the actions of the United States State Department. They have lied and stalled trying to hide Clinton’s emails. When finally pushed to the wall and forced to release them. They make a dump on New Year’s Eve, not trying to shove them without notice there. Now the next batch released at 2AM another great time to try and sneak something by. This has become standard practice in Washington. Anything they want to hid is dumped with thousands of other documents at 5PM on Fridays. The hope being it gets lost. So much for the “most open government in history.”


State Dept. Dumps Thousands of Hillary Clinton Emails at 2 a.m. — Here’s One of the Messages That’s Garnering Attention | TheBlaze.com

The State Department quietly released a new batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal account at roughly 2 a.m. on Friday. Among the emails are another 66 classified messages and one potentially troublesome exchange Clinton had with a top adviser about sending secure information using nonsecure channels. …

Source: www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/01/08/state-dept-dumps-thousands-of-hillary-clinton-emails-at-2-a-m-heres-one-of-the-messages-thats-garnering-attention/

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President Obama’s Civil War Begins an American Crisis (Part 1)

Expanding on a Previous Post.

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Any American with half an eye open know we are driving full speed at a brick wall. The American government is simply puppets for the Federal Reserve as they plunder every cent. And President Obama is merely the head puppet. Everyone knows that American economy was driven over an economic cliff in 2008 when Congress permitted the Fed bankers to plunder the economy.

Once the Federal Reserve is done plundering what is left of our pensions, our social security, our private property and our 401k’s, that the economy will be collapsed once and for all. Only then will enough awaken and take to the streets. This will be a last ditch attempt at regaining our lost liberties. However, I’m afraid it will not have a happy ending.

Imagine there are the veteran’s groups from across America heading to Washington DC. Followed by loads of citizens demanding an end to the tyrannical government. The present administration will do anything to hold power. What follows may well be the darkest days for America and perhaps the darkest the world will know. This is the American Spring. Obama loved the idea in the middle east but here in America it must be crushed.

If you don’t know you should realize that Obama, under the NDAA, has the legal authority to “disappear” all political opponents without so much as a trace. Not good news for those who write against him and his policies.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

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Today it begins. The final assault on the total shredding of the Constitution and elimination of our government. Ignoring the Constitution President Obama begins writing laws and snubbing congress. This is the first step in overthrowing the government and Obama assuming power as Dictator in Chief. Next will come the flood of Muslim immigrants. A veritable fifth column of terrorists imported by the administration. Once enough Muslim terrorists are in place attacks begin. What happened in San Bernardino will become the rule of the day across America. In the wake of such chaos, Martial Law will be implemented. With a complete suspension of the Constitution Obama will impose his Marxist philosophy. Opposition will be silenced. Gun confiscation squads will spread. FEMA camps will become reeducation facilities. And of course those refusing to be reeducated will simply be jailed or killed. Welcome to the new Amerika.

Secret Service in Action


While unable to go a week without some new example of incompetence they reach a new low. Secret Service agents block reporters from asking a Presidential Candidate question. Is that now the purpose of the Secret Service to stop Constitutional protection given to the press from asking question of a Presidential Candidate. And what kind of Presidential Candidate would use the Secret Service to hide from the press. I guess we know the answer Hillary Clinton current face for the Clinton Crime Family.


Secret Service Blocks Reporters From Asking Hillary Questions at Nevada Stop

Hillary Clinton held a rally today in Henderson, Nevada.Only a couple hundred turned out to hear Hillary today. Hillary Clinton rally begins in Henderson, Nevada. Biggest applause…

Source: politomix.com/the-gateway-pundit/832798/secret-service-blocks-reporters-from-asking-hillary-questions-at-nevada-stop/



The Dike is Cracking


My original post was the massive sexual attacks in Cologne by Muslim immigrants New Year’s Eve. Authorities tried to keep even this story quiet but it got out. Now there is more. It seems it was not just in Cologne but all across Germany. Today I learned the same types of attacks happened in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. As more news leaks out I would not be surprised to hear there were more attacks.

The news of the new attacks makes the original seem less random and more a planned and organized attack.


Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault In Every Major German City

German capital city Berlin has joined the sad parade of cities touched by migrant sex violence on new year’s eve, with hundreds of assaults now reported to police in Cologne and other cities.

Source: www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/06/berlin-cologne-hamburg-stuttgart-dusseldorf-new-years-migrant-sex-assault-every-major-german-city/



For All Supporters of Syrian Immigration or How to Be a Good Rapist

ISIS Issues Fatwa #64: the do’s and “don’ts of raping female captives (a fatwa is a legal opinion or learned interpretation issued by a Muslim cleric and has the force of law). Remember, 21% of Syrians support ISIS and Obama plans to allow 100,000. If percentages hold that is 21,000 potential terrorists.

This particular fatwa provides the rules of when and how ISIS captors force sex upon their female captives. It was issued “in an apparent bid to curb what they called violations in the treatment of captured females.”

On the bright side, Fatwa #64 does instruct the slave’s owners to “show compassion” and to “be kind” as they rape their captive females.

Here is the list with 15 injunctions, which in some instances go into explicit detail.

Islam 11

Flash from the Past


November 4,1994


“This U.S.-North Korean agreement will help to achieve a long-standing and vital American objective: an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula.” -President Bill Clinton


Clinton OKs Deal to Stop N. Korea’s Nuclear Program : Asia: Pact will be signed Friday. It gives Pyongyang economic, political rewards for cooperation on weapons. – latimes

President Clinton on Tuesday approved a deal reached by U.S. negotiators in Geneva to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, saying the agreement “will make the United States, the Korean

Source: articles.latimes.com/1994-10-19/news/mn-52118_1_north-korea-s-nuclear-weapons-program



Now thanks to Clinton:

North Korea Says It Has The ‘H-Bomb of Justice’ After Nuclear Test


Big earthquake detected near North Korean nuclear site: Reports

North Korea claims it detonated a hydrogen bomb in a test, a move condemned by the U.S., Britain, Japan and even China.

Source: www.cnbc.com/2016/01/05/big-earthquake-detected-near-north-korean-nuclear-site-reports.html



Oregon Siege

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Not having TV I’m not sure how or if at all the news media is covering what is happening in Oregon. Here is an article which has a lot of background on what is happening and more important WHY. It is a long article but worth the effort.


Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins

UPDATE 8:42 PM EST Sunday 1-3-16 — NATIONAL GUARD ACTIVATED; FBI enroute to confront militia at night. SuperStation95 has just learned the Oregon Na…

Source: www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/723



How Dysfunctional is This


Citizens of a country being told how to behave because foreigners do not know how to act in a civilized country.

In Germany the Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker has issued a “code of conduct” for German women following the harrowing attacks. The code of conduct, which has faced heavy criticism, includes keeping at least an arm’s length from strangers, staying with a group, asking bystanders to intervene or help and informing police of assaults.

German officials have said that it is “completely improper” to link the Arab and North African male assailants to the Arab and North African male migrants.”


Protokoll einer Silvesternacht: “Plötzlich waren überall Männer” – n-tv.de

Tausende zieht es Silvester in die Kölner Innenstadt, darunter auch Michelle L. und ihre Clique. Die 18-Jährige schildert, wie sie und ihre Freundinnen von Unbekannten belästigt wurden.

Source: www.n-tv.de/panorama/Ploetzlich-waren-ueberall-Maenner-article16703496.html




Germans Outraged After Gang of 1000+ Men Sexually Assault NYE Revelers | Mediaite

A major outrage is brewing in Germany after a massive gang of over a thousand men went on a crime spree on New Year’s Eve, sexually assaulting, robbing, and

Source: www.mediaite.com/online/germans-outraged-after-gang-of-1000-men-sexually-assault-nye-revelers/



Sexual Assault Victim Shares Shocking Account of Being Surrounded by Crazed Mob of ‘African and Arab’ Men in Cologne | TheBlaze.com

An 18-year-old German girl was simply trying to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Cologne with her friends when the men descended on them. The teenager, identified only as Michelle by German news station N-TV, said she and a group of 11 friends were on their way…

Source: www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/01/06/teen-sexual-assault-victim-shares-shocking-account-of-being-surrounded-by-crazed-mob-of-african-and-arab-men-in-cologne/



Don’t Rock the Boat


The establishment core of both democrats and republicans are tired of outsider’s popularity. Both parties seek to destroy anyone not willing to tow the party line.


Establishment Presidential Candidates Battle to End Voters’ Flirtation With Outsiders – WSJ

With less than a month before voting begins, establishment presidential candidates, thrown off stride by insurgent rivals through much of last year, are urging voters to move toward conventional choices and end their flirtation with the field’s novices and outsiders.

Source: www.wsj.com/articles/establishment-presidential-candidates-battle-to-end-flirtation-with-outsiders-1451955959